Hello, my name’s Adam and here on Preply I’m offering sessions of conversation to adult students of all levels. I have met many English language learners who have access to comprehension activities and resources, but have trouble finding people to actually practise speaking the language with. So, that’s what I’m offering here: English speaking practice!

We can structure the sessions any way you like, but I suggest that you find an article or a video in English, and while you tell me all about it I can correct your English and give explanations about any mistakes you might make. Simple!

The key to this method is that I will first tell you that you have made a mistake before I correct you, and I will give you the chance to correct yourself first. This is a proven way to help people learn more successfully, and I believe it is super important!

I can help you with other aspects of the English language as well, but everything will be done within the hour of our session. For example, during our class I can correct your writing or grammar exercises, or I can teach you about a specific grammar point, and all extra materials or research will be done within the hour of our session together.

So, if you want to improve or maintain your level of spoken English through conversation that is directed by you and corrected my me, book a trial lesson with me and let’s start chatting!